Many processes have been simplified. Why the Russian Federation circumvents sanctions and how the EU can put pressure on Moscow

The European Union approved the seventh package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. That happened on July 21. The main ban concerns the export of gold and gold products to the territory of the EU. But this will not help Ukraine win the war. Because Russia has found ways to circumvent the sanctions. Opinion.

 What does the 7th package of sanctions entail?

The new bans affected 55 individuals, legal entities, the Russian Sberbank, and, most importantly, gold and its products. At least, that’s what Europe thinks. But experience shows that any ban is not an obstacle for Russia.

Russia knows how to bypass bans.

We were convinced by the example of the CNN investigation that Russia can export gold under the guise of cookies, as it did in Sudan. It is about 16 flights with gold, which the Russian Federation exported from Sudan under the pretext of cookies, which had never been exported from this country before. It is quite a demonstrative example to ensure once again that Russia will bypass any sanctions, no matter how “tough” they are.

Or the well-known example of trucks with a European “head” and a Russian “tail” when, after the adoption of the sixth package of sanctions, Russian trucks were prohibited from crossing the EU border. The trailer then remained with Russian license plates because it was not subject to sanctions.And this simplified many processes for the Russian side — reloading goods into their cars was unnecessary.

So it is with the 7th package of sanctions. The world thinks it has squeezed Russia from all sides, but the enemy is becoming even more resourceful and tightening the noose around the necks of Europeans even more.


Europe will not have time to look back, as the gold exported from Africa will work even more to the advantage of Russia and the detriment of Ukraine, despite the prohibition of Russia having access to the ports. Of course, the effect of the sanctions was not as expected, but I can assure you that there will be no anticipated result until Europe begins to speak with the enemy in one “language” — with restrictions on trade relations.

And so far, the sanctions look like a beggar’s bone. That is, Europe, on the one hand, bans everything Russian, and on the other hand, it does not refuse the benefits itself.

Russia remains a lousy gas station and a golden housing for Europe. It’s terrible, but it’s still being used, even though a full-scale war of extermination has been going on in Ukraine for the sixth month. And in this way, the EU helps finance the defense industry of the aggressor country and kills Ukrainians.

Anyone who buys Russian gold, gas (which is still not banned for export from Russia), and oil is involved in the murders of the Ukrainian people: Olenivka, Bucha, Gostomel, Irpin, Melitopol, Vinnytsia. And if Ukraine is “Azov,” then the countries that buy something from Russia are the killers of “Azov” and all of Ukraine.