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in the field of subsoil use

Our goals, objectives and principles

We see the creation of a transparent, competitive and ergonomic business environment in the field of subsoil use for the sustainable development of Ukraine as the main goal of the National Association of Extractive Industry of Ukraine (NAEIU).

Special projects

Important special projects from NAEIU related to the study, extraction and use of minerals.


NAEIU organizes international events, which related to the study, extraction and use of minerals.

Normative acts

Development, adoption and implementation of legal acts related to the extraction of minerals.

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Our participants share their experience and knowledge on the NAEIU blog

Projects and presentations

Get acquainted with projects and presentations from NADPU, which related to mineral extraction.

What kinds of tasks decides NAEIU:

  • A representation and a protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Association’s members in relations with state and local authorities, other institutions and organizations;
  • a coordination of activities of Association members to achieve a common goal and objectives;
  • An integration between different regions of the country for the purpose of interaction of Association members;
  • An advocacy of regulatory, social and environmental initiatives of the members of the Association;
  • A communication with civil society regarding topical issues of subsoil use.

Pro NADRA – a special project from NAEIU

Current news, interesting interviews and videos in the world of subsoil exploitation within the framework of a special project of NADPU. Follow the link and follow the latest events.

Ksenia Orynchak

The recovery of Ukraine is impossible without the mining industry. Because the extractive industry is the largest source of revenue for the state budget.