Draft Law #2207-1-d “On Waste Management” Was Recommended for Adoption in the Second Reading

Today, the parliament voted for the law on Waste Management № 2207-1-d, which has been debated among deputies, experts and environmental activists for almost 2 years.

“Our country generates about 400 million tons of waste annually, and only 6% of this waste is recycled, which is extremely low compared to EU countries, where it averages about 40%. That’s why this law is extremely important for our country, especially when we are going to the EU, ”said Ksenia Orynchak, executive director of the National Association of Extractive Industries of Ukraine.

According to parliamentarians, the new law will significantly improve the waste management system and create the basis for reducing its amount, promoting their reuse and recovery as secondary raw materials and energy resources. Also, which is very bad today, Ukraine will finally fulfill its important European integration commitment and bring its legislation closer to the relevant EU directives.

Do you remember that this week the issue of granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate will be resolved?

Among the main provisions of the bill:
– implementation of the National Waste List, harmonized with the European one, and the waste management information system;
– establishing the procedure for collection, removal and treatment of municipal waste, introduction of their separate collection and recycling;
– setting requirements for extended producer responsibility;
– creation of a system of long-term waste management planning at the national, regional and local levels;
– a system of liability for offenses in the field of waste management is established.

We are building a new country now! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!